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Born in Kaluga (Russia) on April 24, 1978. Engineer, graduated from the Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman.

Personal interests:
  • Information and Internet technology;
  • Programming;
  • Operating systems;
  • Computer hardware;
  • Panoramic photography.
  • My early software

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    Virtual Kaluga (2008)
    Web-design studio "Korden" (2007)


    Google ZMOT - Winning the Zero Moment of Truth. (2012) Modern marketing strategy - social media marketing and ZMOT from Google (RU).
    Hobbes' Internet Timeline - full history of the Internet now in Russian. (RU)


    * Kerberos 5 network authentication protocol. (RU)
    * EFS in Windows 2000. (RU)
    * Trunking systems. (RU)
    * IPSec - IP level network traffic protection protocol. (RU)
    * IEEE 802.11 standard - evolution of the wireless network technology. (RU)
    * Field testing of Cisco and Lucent wireless network equipment (RU): Part 1, Part 2
    * Asymmetric satellite access to the Internet. (RU)
    * HeliosNet satellite Internet access system: testing. (RU)

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